Schmuley is the fur daughter of artist Adria Bernstein.



Adria Bernstein relocated from Texas to Florida as a toddler. Her interest in art began as a youngster, following in her artist mom’s footsteps, and has resulted in a unique business, “Witty Wocks” - rocks brought to life and appreciated in an artistic way. As the Owner and Creator of “Witty Wocks,” Adria aims to put a smile on everyone’s face.

With a background in Fashion and Interior Design and graduating with an AS degree in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Merchandising and Design, Adria has worked with a variety of mediums. She has created an original set of gift ideas that are truly one of a kind. Her first Witty Wocks were replications of beloved pets, a devoted supporter of animals herself, and celebrities. One set of rocks that she painted into likenesses of President Obama and the First Lady earned her two responses from the White House, a real thrill and honor for this entrepreneur. She says her buyer’s reactions are very rewarding and fuel her future endeavors. This is evident as she has created a Witty-2-Wock program which provides children diagnosed with cancer a Happy Witty Wock intended to bring smiles to these children during their treatment. One thing is for sure, if ambition and goodwill are the main ingredients to success then we will be sure to see more of Adria Bernstein in the future.

To see the works of the artist or to find information on how to have a personal creation made visit www.wittywocks.com or www.facebook.com/wittywocks.

In addition to Adria’s rock sculptures, she is Certified in Graphic Arts and currently pursuing her photography passion. Her custom art takes on many forms.

Adria’s business and studio are in Indian Rocks Beach and she can be reached at 727.643.6622 or at smile@wittywocks.com.



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